Tasting Notes: Planet Oregon Pinot Noir

This past weekend, Kevin and I made a trip to Edenton, North Carolina (close to the Outer Banks) for the wedding of Kevin's good friend. Edenton is a very picturesque and quaint town, but for about an hour or so before Edenton, there isn't much around. We were going to be in the middle of nowhere at dinnertime, so we did some TripAdvisor searches to see what was around at various stages in our trip. We came across this cute restaurant in Tarboro, North Carolina, called On the Square that had a great wine selection and yummy sounding dinner menu, so we decided to stop there. The owners of the restaurant have impressive resumes and are Advanced Sommeliers themselves, so it was a great hidden gem to come across! The sommelier on staff recommended this wine with our meals, so we went with it.

The Facts

  • Producer: Soter Vineyards
  • Region: Oregon; Majority in Willamette Valley
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Where I purchased: Restaurant
  • Price: $20 retail
  • Eyes: The color of this wine was more toward a "masculine" Pinot Noir with deeper purple colors and a darker red than others. I was surprised by the deepness of the color and was relieved since I don't always enjoy Willamette Pinot Noirs.
  • Nose: The sommelier had described this wine as being fruit forward and having more cherry aspects than the earthiness that can come with Oregon Pinot. I found that to be true on the nose with definite aromas of cherry. There were also notes of blackberry and raspberry, which I love!
  • Mouth: The aromas that came through on the nose definitely showed up when I tried the wine. I picked up on the "cherry cola" flavor the sommelier mentioned and also picked up on the dark berries I caught in the aroma. I didn't get much earthiness, which was a relief since that's my preference. The wine was acidic, but not overly so.
  • Thoughts: This wine was a pretty good pick, but I would not say the sommelier hit it out of the park with what I described to her. I used words like "bold", "spice", and "bite" and she didn't really hit those notes. The wine lacked that spiciness or tannic aspect, but overall was fruity and a good pairing with the chicken. I liked the story behind the wine... The grapes are sourced from certified sustainable vineyards and are bottled in a certified  sustainable winery. Also, for every sale, $1 is donated to the Oregon Environmental Council which safeguards the health of those in Oregon by working for clean air, clean water, and healthy food. Overall, would I get it again? Probably not in a restaurant, but I wouldn't rule it out totally. Is it a good price point? Absolutely, $25 in a restaurant with retail at $20 is awesome. If you like Pinot Noirs with a little heft to them, but not too much, I think this is a great choice for you! 


Note: I'd likely give this 2.5 bunches if I wanted to get technical. I wasn't wowed but it's definitely not a full on two bunches either. It was just a little too Oregon-y for my taste.