2015 Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Wow! Who can believe that Christmas is next week? I probably should have put together a list earlier, but goodness, the month (and year!) has gotten away from me! Whether it's a small hostess gift, a couple of stocking stuffers or you want to compile the perfect present for a wine lover, here are some great ideas.

1. Champagne Glass Ornament - For those that love adding to their tree and like to commemorate each year! Retail for $25, but are currently on sale.

2. Corkcicle - I have the classic version that simply pours, but there is also a Corkcicle Air, which not only chills or keeps your wine cool, but also aerates as you pour! Just stick in the freezer for a couple hours prior to enjoying your wine and your red will chill or your white will stay cool! 

3. Glass Decanter - If your friend or loved one does not have a glass decanter, this is a great addition to their bar. These are perfect for those nice bottles you break into, or if you just want to feel fancy on a weekday night! They can be found pretty much anywhere that has barware, so you will most likely be able to find one in your price point, but I love this one from Crate & Barrel! A sleek design and not too expensive... retails for $29.95.

4. Nice Stemware - Everyone needs some nice stemware in their home! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that mix and match set from your parents or that garage sale find, it can be fun to get some nicer glasses to use for dinner parties or special occasions. Also, if you know your friend or loved one has an affinity for a specific type of wine, then you can even get them a set just for that type! Riedel is a popular brand that makes beautiful and great glasses, but don't be overwhelmed by the price tag. You can find their products at Target for a more budget friendly option or high-end stores like Williams-Sonoma for a wider variety and wine specific glasses. For more information on different types of glasses, see my post on glassware.

5. Rabbit Wine Opener 3 Piece Set - If you read my post on wine openers, you know that this is a favorite of mine. Most people tend to have the "winged" wine opener, so this is a great new tool to give to your friend or loved one!

6. Rewined Candle - These candles smell AMAZING and are made from recycled wine bottles! These candles have scents of different wine varietals and their fragrances mimic the tasting notes of that varietal. They can be ordered online, or find a retail location on their website!

7. Snowman Bottle Stopper - Who doesn't love themed bottle stoppers? These are perfect as stocking stuffers or would be a great hostess gift along side your favorite bottle. 

8. Small Wine Cooler - If you want to go all out, a wine refrigerator is a great choice! This 8 bottle one from Cuisinart is a great starting point for someone who has a few bottles they want to cellar or likes to have their bottles at the perfect temperature.

9. Wine Folly's Essential Guide to Wine- Last, but certainly not least, is the Essential Guide to Wine by the founders of Wine Folly. Wine Folly is my favorite go-to resource and they put out this book that I think is fantastic! It is full of infographics that will help you learn about different varietals, food pairings, and more. I think it is a must, especially for the younger generation that is looking for a fun and easy way to learn about the wines of the world!