Tasting Notes: Olema Chardonnay

This is the second wine from my Total Wine 2015 Challenge. So far so good!

The Facts

  • Producer: Amici Cellars
  • Region: Sonoma, California
  • Vintage: 2013
  • Variety: Chardonnay
  • Where I purchased: Total Wine
  • Price: $15.99
  • Eyes: Nice light golden color, maybe even more yellow than golden. Pours like a medium body.
  • Nose: This wine smells very fruit forward. I definitely smelled apple and pear. I didn't get any hint of oakiness on the nose.
  • Mouth: Just like the smell, I definitely tasted apple and pear. I felt like it was pretty crisp and fresh for a chardonnay. There is a little bit of "butter", but as my husband put it, "not as buttery as some of the other crappier chardonnays I've had." To put it more eloquently, I would say it is "medium butter", if that is a thing. Good acidity, balanced. Upon further research, I saw descriptors like zesty, melon, marzipan, candied lemon, and light oakiness.
  • Thoughts: I think this is a great introduction to the world of chardonnay. Its "medium butter" and light oakiness aren't overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with the flavor profile. I typically don't care for oaky and buttery whites, and I found this one to be tasty. It is a good value at under $20, although I probably wouldn't get it for an "every day" white. I think this is best served during a nice weekend meal or as a host/hostess gift for someone who enjoys chardonnays or whites!