Tasting Notes: Albrecht Riesling Tradition

Remember a while back when I said I went to Total Wine and stocked up on summer wines? This was one of them. How did I pick this one out? No reason other than it is a Riesling from Alsace. Alsace is known for having excellent dry Rieslings, and since French wine has been on the mind of late, it was made for my wine stash! If you want to read more about Alsace, this is a great post by Wine Folly that gives some background on the region. 

Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got a new wine tasting notebook that helps guide through tasting notes. I was super excited to finally put it to use! If you're interested in a notebook to give you tips and help guide you, De Long's is excellent. It's only about $7 and you can find it here on Amazon (YAY for Prime!). 

The Facts

  • Producer: Lucien Albrecht
  • Region: Alsace, France
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Variety: Riesling
  • Where I purchased: Total Wine
  • Price: $18.99
  • Eyes: This wine was a pale yellow color and was clear. I learned from my journal that a clear wine is what we want as haziness can indicate spoilage in the wine, and no one wants that. 
  • Nose: The Riesling had an aromatic nose, specifically it had a strong aroma of yellow apple. There were also some floral notes... it smelled pretty. I also learned what "development" meant in relation to the aroma, and that helps identify the age of the wine. De Long states that a young wine will usually have a fragrance that is characteristic of the grape variety. I would definitely say that apple is characteristic of Riesling, so I went with youthful. This also makes sense given the vintage is 2014, but this trick would help in a deductive or blind tasting scenario.
  • Mouth: I got lots of apple or tree fruit and even some white fruit, which includes pear. As is to be expected from Alsace, this Riesling was dry with fresh acidity. It wasn't overly acidic but had enough to give it some oomph. Overall, it just tasted good. The flavor of the wine lingered, but not annoyingly so. To me, this wine felt balanced.
  • Thoughts: This was a great Riesling! It was very pleasant and easy to drink, which is important in the summer time. Kevin and I were looking for something to pair with our favorite spicy shrimp dish (recipe is here), so I knew low alcohol was important. This Riesling was the lowest we had on hand at 12% ABV, and it worked great! I enjoyed the playing the fruit of the wine against the spice, too. The price was a little towards the higher-end for an every day choice, but I was definitely not disappointed by the wine's flavor considering the cost.


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