Tasting Notes: Schramsberg Brut Rosé

I am super excited to talk about April's "Favorite Friday" choice! This bottle of bubbly holds a very special place in my heart for three reasons: (1) It's delicious and I LOVE sparkling wine, (2) Kevin and I visited Schramsberg two days after getting engaged in Napa, and (3) Kevin and I toasted with the bottle we bought in Napa on our wedding day. Another fun fact is Schramsberg has been served at all official State functions by every US Presidential Administration since Nixon used it in his 1972 "Toast to Peace" with China's Primer Zhou Enali. This sparkling wine is special, and I am so happy to share it with you!

The Facts

  • Producer: Schramsberg Vineyards
  • Region: North Coast
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Variety: 61% Pinot Noir, 39% Chardonnay
  • Where I purchased: This particular bottle was a Christmas gift from my brother, but I know our local Harris Teeter carries it.*
  • Price: $35-40+

*Total Wine carries the Schramsberg brand, but my particular one does not carry Brut Rosé. If you'd like to try out the presidential and famous Blanc de Blanc, head to Total Wine!

  • Eyes: This sparkling wine is a orangeish pink color, and as expected, has lots of bubbles! They are small bubbles, which I've found to be characteristic of "Méthode Traditionnelle" sparkling wines.

    For those that don't know, the traditional method, also know has the méthode Champenoise, is what the winemakers in Champagne, France, use. The base still wine is made into sparkling wine by inserting sugar and yeast into the bottle with the base wine and capping it. The yeast eats the sugar and releases CO2, but since there's nowhere for the CO2 to go, it carbonates the wine. For more information on the different methods of adding bubbles to wine, check out this great article on Wine Folly.
  • Nose: The only thing I really noticed was that this wine had a biscuity aroma. I've heard you can (and should) decant sparkling wines for a bit to really help develop the flavor, so maybe that'd help get more aromas out of the wine. For me, though, I am usually not too concerned about sparkling wine aromas... I'm just anxious to drink it!
  • Mouth: The Brut Rosé is delicious! It's got flavors of citrus and strawberry with notes of dough, which is not abnormal in sparkling wines. I tend to lean toward the fresh and fruity sparklings over biscuit, but this bottle has a good balance of both. It's tart and acidic and refreshing and I love the fruit notes in the wine. 
  • Thoughts: You already know I love this wine. It's part of my "Favorite Friday" series and with my emotional tie to the wine, it's really no surprise. This wine evokes nostalgia and happy memories!
Photos by Lauren Rosenau Photography 

Photos by Lauren Rosenau Photography 

Even for those who didn't have this bottle at their wedding, I think it's a great choice for celebrations, especially if you want to add a little color to the bubbly! Kevin and I always stock up when it goes on sale at Harris Teeter. It's our bubbly of choice (although we also do love their Blanc de Blanc too), and I don't foresee that changing any time soon. If you're ever in Napa, I highly recommend Schramsberg's tour. It's a nice change from all the Cabernet you're inevitably drinking.