On Trend: Bubbly + Popsicles

Trends for the summer seem to be pointing to one word: refreshing. Rosé has blown up, wine slushies are now a thing, and the newest trend, popsicles in sparkling wine, has hit the scene. There is a new bar in Charlotte called City Lights Rooftop that has been promoting this combination and it has been incredibly popular. Kevin and I went with friends to try out their "Sparkle & Pop" cocktail and to see the supposedly awesome view. First thing we noticed? Well over half of the people at the bar had a Sparkle & Pop in hand, so it was definitely a hit! The best part of the rooftop bar's drink was they use a local favorite, King of Pops, for their popsicles. King of Pops is known for their fresh, all-natural ingredients, and they are crazy delicious. 

First up? Cava with Fresh Peach. Cava, for those that don't know, is Spanish sparkling wine. The Cava was fine, but the peach pop definitely stole the show. YUM.

My second drink was Prosecco and Blackberry Ginger. The ginger was a little overpowering, but I learned that Prosecco is definitely the best sparkling to use. The bar poured La Marca which is widely available and has a more neutral flavor. This worked great with the popsicle! 

So what's the ultimate takeaway? The combination of bubbly and fruit popsicles is awesome AND it can easily be done at home (for a lot cheaper!). It only requires two things: 

1. Your bubbles of choice. I recommend a light flavored Prosecco like La Marca or even my favorite inexpensive Cava from Total Wine, Rondel. I talked about it here.

2. A popsicle! I recommend a higher quality, natural brand like Fruttare or Chloe's. You could also make your own if you're feeling ambitious. Here's a recipe from Half Baked Harvest that I've been dying to try... only three ingredients and they look amazing!

It was so fun to see the beautiful view and spend good time with friends, but I'll likely be making these drinks at home from now on. These cocktails would be perfect for a beach trip, a day by the pool, or a fun after-BBQ treat on the 4th of July! Cheers to summer!