... and we're back!

Hello again, everyone! This is no April Fools... the blog is back! It has been so, so long. Blogging is great, and I enjoy the creative outlet it gives me, but when things get busy, the blog has to take the back burner. What exactly happened over the last five months? Let me share a bit with you:

  • We bought a new house.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went.
  • We started plans for a kick-ass bar to be built in our home. This will be the future home to our slowly growing wine collection.
  • The United States got a new president.
  • I went through my fourth busy season as a public accountant.
  • I got a new job! Goodbye auditor life!

The last one I am particularly excited about. I have missed blogging, and unfortunately, being in public accounting was preventing me from really being able to pursue my interests outside of work. A lot has happened in five months, but with new beginnings on horizon, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to dive back in.

So what is to come on The Green Grape?

  • Back to learning - I actually miss reading about wine! I have all of these great resources at my disposal but I often felt (and feel) overwhelmed by the volume of information. I have decided I need to take it one region at a time to be able to full immerse myself. For 2017, I have decided to tackle France. Feels a little bit silly just saying "France" given all of the regions just within that one country, but I have truly fallen in love with all things French wine. 
  • Wine reviews and wine cocktails - I had a delicious sangria for the Super Bowl that I can't wait to share with you, plus I love finding new ways to use wine. As for the reviews, I'd like to keep with my tasting notes but also want to expand these posts by including more about the wineries and their stories.
  • Wine Folly's Wine Challenge - Can't wait to start this. 
  •  And more! - I know this is a lame catch-all, but I have been brainstorming post ideas and am excited for what is to come. But most importantly, I'd love to hear from you! Is there anything you're dying to know? Any posts that would be of interest to you? I am by no means an expert... that's the whole point of this blog, but I would love to help find the answer for you while I also learn along the way! Leave me a comment with your ideas.

Thanks for tuning in again, and keep your eyes out for new content soon!