Tasting Notes: Ecaana Pinot Grigio

With our trip to Italy happening later this year, I have been on an Italian wine kick. Tastings, research, looking at bottles... it was getting me very excited to travel there! The weather in Charlotte this past week or so was very warm, so I wanted to try a white. I thought this would be a good place to start since we'll be traveling there in the summer time, too. I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods, so I thought I'd just check out their Italy section to see what they offered!

The Facts

  • Producer: Ecaana
  • Region: delle Venezie IGT (Northern Italy)
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Variety: Pinot Grigio
  • Where I purchased: Whole Foods
  • Price: $10.99
  • Eyes: This wine was a very light, pale yellow color. I think I've seen this referred to as "pale platinum". The photo above almost makes it look more yellow, but next to the other white wines in the store, it was definitely very light. The color definitely gave me the impression that it would be a light bodied wine.
  • Nose: Apple. Just straight up apple. Then maybe some hint of pear, but I was overwhelmed by the scent of apple. It smelled good!
  • Mouth: As I would expect based on the nose, there was definitely some apple taste coming through. I think I told K that it tasted like apple juice, but significantly less sugary (as it should be). There was also some lemon or citrus notes that were very refreshing. 
  • Thoughts: First off, I want to be honest in that I chose this wine based on two things: (1) price point and (2) the label. It has such a cute label! I am a firm believer in that cute labels don't always result in the best wines, but I was limited on time, so it was a deciding factor for me. Ultimately, I thought this wine was very crisp and refreshing! I liked the apple flavors a lot and found it to have some good acid. This made it very easy to drink, in my opinion. I haven't had a lot of Pinot Grigio recently, but I think this is a great choice as the weather gets warmer, especially if you're looking for a less expensive choice. Plus, it's a screw top! Perfect for any picnic or outing you have where you don't want to carry a wine opener.