Tasting Notes: Reference Point Pinot Noir

I can't believe another week has slipped by. I am looking forward to "busy season" ending next week, but in the meantime, I'm trying to take some time to myself to do the things I love like watch a movie with my husband, walk my dog, and drink some wine! Last week was hectic for the both of us, which meant that most of our meals consisted of grabbing something quick. Today, however, we were able to cook a nice meal which just begged for a good glass of wine.

We purchased the Reference Point from a local "fine foods" shop during its grand opening of a second location. They had tastings of lots of different things, from beer cheese to charcuterie to ginger beer to wine. The store had two different distributors there with about 8 or 10 different wines to try. When I tried this particular wine, I am so glad I said I liked it because the distributor was actually the producer of Reference Point! He had a small plot of land in Oregon, but also had a lake house in the area, which is what brought him to North Carolina. I liked the wine and he was friendly, so I bought a bottle.

The Facts

  • Producer: A very small producer. Their bottle indicates Maren LLC.
  • Region: Willamette Valley, OR
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Where I purchased: Reid's Fine Foods
  • Price: $24.99
  • Eyes: Not uncommon for Pinot Noirs, this wine was a translucent, garnet color. It was definitely light, but not as light as some of the other Pinots I have seen. 
  • Nose: I thought this wine had a great nose. I definitely got a strong raspberry aroma as well as a hint of something earthy and maybe even vanilla.
  • Mouth: The flavor profile of this wine was definitely more on the feminine side, with red berry and a cola flavor. However, the vanilla aspect added some depth to the wine that sometimes I think is lacking from light bodied Pinot Noirs. 
  • Thoughts: As I thought at Reid's, I really like this Pinot Noir. It has more body than some of the other Willamette Valley Pinots we've had, but it's also toward the lighter end so it pairs well with a lot of food. We served halibut with roasted veggies, and I personally thought it went well with that meal. But then again, I drink red with more than I probably should! Overall conclusion is that I would definitely recommend this wine to anyone who enjoys Pinot Noir. For those in the Charlotte area, stop by Reid's to grab a bottle (or have a glass). If you're not, I worry that you may not be able to find a bottle, but please let me know if you do!