Tasting Notes: Joel Gott California Grenache

The Facts

  • Producer: Joel Gott
  • Region: California
  • Vintage: None listed
  • Variety: Grenache
  • Where I purchased: Whole Foods
  • Price: I lost my receipt, but I believe it was around $14.99.
  • Eyes: This wine was a maroon color, definitely a "purple-y red". It was translucent which always makes me think it will be more subtle in flavor. I'm pretty sure that's not a fair association, but it is there nonetheless. I also noticed the legs on the wine. The legs were very pronounced which indicates a higher alcohol content. This was corroborated by looking at the bottle... it was 14.3% alcohol!
  • Nose: The first thing I noticed on the nose was pepper. There was a also a hint of raspberry. The last thing I noted was kind of a weird aroma... I couldn't think of exactly what to call it other than cough syrup. I know that sounds horrible, and it was definitely not my favorite aroma, but it didn't deter me from proceeding on. In fact, it made me more curious to know what it tasted like. Did it also taste like there was a hint of Robitussin?
  • Mouth: First, I did not taste any hint of Robitussin, which was a relief. The flavors I tasted first were vanilla and dark red fruit like raspberry and plum. I think the pepper I smelled on the nose was actually more of a smokey flavor on the tongue. There was definitely another non-fruit flavor present other than the smoke. I had to do some research on Grenache to identify what it was, and I think what I would pin it as is leather. Finally, I felt that the wine had a velvety finish despite the higher alcohol content. 
  • Thoughts: I enjoyed this wine and so did K. I thought the flavors were tasty and the bottle was on the less expensive end of our collection, although it is on the border of what I would pay for an every day wine. If you like medium bodied reds, I think this would be a great one to try! The medium body of the wine also lends itself to being paired with a variety food dishes, so it's a great choice for a wine with dinner. While I haven't seen this one widely available (although I haven't really looked), if I ever came across another bottle, I would definitely pick up one for a dinner party. I think it would be a crowd pleaser!