A Blind Tasting: Two Whites

This past Friday, K surprised me with a blind tasting! It was actually only "half blind" because I knew he bought a Chablis, but I had no idea what the other wine was. It was going to be fun to (1) try to pick out which was the Chablis and (2) identify the other wine type.


I picked out what I thought was the Chablis based almost solely on color. Keep in mind that a Chablis is a Chardonnay from the northernmost part of Burgundy, France, and they are unoaked. It's difficult to tell in this photo, but the one on the left was much lighter in color or less "golden", and since oak gives white wine that deeper yellow or golden color, I guessed that the clearer one had to be Chablis. I was right! What I didn't expect was that the second one was also Chablis. I was tricked! The wines had such different aromas to them, so it surprised me to learn that they were both from Chablis. Here are what the two wines were:

Wine 1: Petit Chablis, Domaine L. Chatelain; $19.99 from Total Wine. This wine was lighter in body and more crisp than the second. I identified notes of apple and citrus on the nose. I would say that once I tasted the wine, the citrus flavor was definitely of lemon. There was a tartness to it, which was due to the higher acidity level. I actually considered that this may be a Sauvignon Blanc because of the lemon taste, but because of the apple and pear notes, I concluded this was the Chablis. Click here if you'd like to see the winery's website.


Wine 2: Chablis, Domaine Chenevieres, 2013, $19.99 from Total Wine. This wine was medium bodied and a more golden color. It had a weird nose to it... something I could not identify. When I tried the wine, there was definitely a creaminess to it compared to the tartness of the first wine, so I was really thrown off as to what it was. Once I turned over the post-its of what each one was, I saw that the tasting notes of the wine were "apricot, peaches, flowers, and spices". I knew immediately that the aroma and flavor I could not identify was apricot. This combined with the peaches is what gave the wine the "creaminess" I tasted. 


I personally preferred the first Chablis, despite it being the lowest rung of the Chablis totem pole, since I like crisp, fresh whites. Regardless, I look forward to trying more wines from the region and learning more about the nuances of Chablis!