And so the journey begins.

This blog has been a process. Not actually creating it, but rather getting myself here.

The issue was not WHY. I have always enjoyed the blogging world -- a place where people can express their beliefs, loves, and passions freely and those who have the same loves and passions can follow along. There is a transition from individual reader and stranger to a community, all built around similar interests. I find it fascinating. 

The biggest issue with me has been the WHAT. To be honest, I recently had the unfortunate realization that my passions are hobbies, not career opportunities. I will never be Taylor Swift or Rory McIlroy or Cupcakes and Cashmere. While I get up every day to go crunch some numbers so I can keep my lights on at home, I can't declare that it is my passion. I do not stay up late reading about new accounting pronouncements, nor do I dream about auditing companies financial statements. So what is it that floats my boat? Celebrity gossip, food, and wine. The first two were easy for me to throw off the table -- everyone has access to PEOPLE or US Weekly and food is something I love but don't necessarily want to talk about, so that left wine. An interesting subject that has a compelling history but an area that is also ever changing. 

The next issue to tackle was the WHO and PURPOSE. They are intertwined and important to determine when setting out on a blog. Why did I want to discuss wine? Well, it all stemmed from hearing people my age talk about how intimidating wine was, how they didn't know much about it, and how they didn't necessarily know how to buy a bottle other than by choosing the prettiest label. A light went off -- maybe this is my opportunity! My opportunity to learn more about something I love, share it, and maybe help out another 20-something looking to enter the world of wine. If all else fails, it'll be a way to document the wines I've had so I won't forget. Nothing wrong with that.

So what will be discussed? Anything and everything wine. Bottles I've had, takeaways from classes I've taken, knowledge I've read, the tools and gadgets that come in handy, how to pair what wine with what cheese, you name it. I'm committing to this journey, and I can only hope that it is enlightening for all involved, mostly me.