How Wine Fraud Works

Since I drive a lot for work, I have developed an affinity for listening to podcasts to pass the time. I usually get tired of my music and want something more stimulating, so podcasts or audiobooks seemed like the natural choice. My favorite podcast? Stuff You Should Know ("SYSK"). Each podcast covers a certain topic, and Josh and Chuck, the hosts, give a good overview of whatever it may be.

The other day, I heard an episode that I found to be very interesting. It was, "How Wine Fraud Works". I had never really considered the possibility of wine fraud, but it certainly sounds like it is prevalent in the wine collecting world! From the episode, it sounds like it is common in the very old, high end bottles. Not necessarily if you were to buy a nice 2007 from a wine shop, or something like that. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with all of you in case you found it as interesting as I do! Here's the summary on the website:

Wine fraud may be a case of rich con artists tricking wealthy people into parting with money, but it's still a crime. Learn all about this weird, widespread practice.

Click here to go to the Stuff You Should Know website to listen, or you can go to the podcast app on your phone to find it!